Writing changes the world

I heard a quote recently which said, in effect, that every word we speak, read, or write affects the world in some way.

I write because I want to express myself. I want people to understand how I feel. I want to be known.

But what if it’s not just about me? What if I’m helping other people grow in their walk through my words?

What if my words are helping my brothers through some tough times? What if my writing shows people that I care about and understand them?

What if my writing even went so far as to save a life? In our culture, suicide is becoming more common, and many times it is because the person feels that they have nothing to live for. They feel that no one understands them.

But what if my writing showed them that they are not alone? What if my writing showed them that others struggle too? What if my writing showed them that life is worth fighting for?

Is that not a worthy reason to write?

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About Me

I’m a high school student who seeks understanding. There are so many things in life that I would like to understand, but it’s hard.

  • How can I live a good life?
  • How can I make people like me?
  • How can I draw close to God?
  • What should I do after high school?

I call myself “Surrendered,” but to be surrendered is more of a process than a destination. I’m not perfect by any means, and I struggle a lot. Nevertheless, I place my hope in God, and trust that he will give me the answers.