Ode to a Banana Peel

O, that we each were like a banana peel
Who protects what is worth protecting,
But thinks nothing of himself.

When the banana’s owner takes it
And chews it up and swallows it
The peel sits all alone itself
Not forlorn, but still content

When he has stood still in his place
Never wavering, never faltering
Until the the end has come

And when his Owner comes and takes
His burden far away
He cares not for himself
Grateful only that he has run the race

While I still live and breathe in life,
I will stand, protect what’s entrusted to me
But when my race on earth is done,
Let the world forget me,
Like an old, forgotten banana peel.

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About Me

I'm a high school student, a teen, who seeks to follow God with everything he has. I've got so many questions and so often I feel like I'm hitting a wall in my beliefs, my actions, and my creativity. And that's OK.

Being surrendered is more of a process than a destination. I'm not perfect by any means, and I struggle a lot. But the daily act of "presenting my body as a living sacrifice," fully surrendered to the will of my King, is what will get me through.