Just One Peek”

December 19, 2019

Why does temptation have such a strong hold on me?

It whispers in my ear, It would hurt to just take one peek”. It’s like Satan whispering to Eve, You shall not die.”

I know in my heart that sin, no matter how good it sounds right now, will lead to death.

But how does temptation get past the rational part of my brain and convince me to follow it?

When I give in, I tell myself that I can stop whenever I want, that one look will be my last look.

But that’s just a lie too. How could indulging a desire take away that desire?

God, I need your help. When I’m tempted, remind me to think about it, not just give in irrationally. Remind me that temptation never feels as good after the action is done.

And remind me that when I put my trust in you, you take away my chain to sin.

I am not a slave to sin; I am a slave to You.