December 26, 2019

Tonight I realized just how much I love my family.

Earlier in the month we set aside the evenings between Christmas and New Years to be family time. We would sit around the living room and read out loud to each other. We would sing, and we would just spend time with each other.

tonight was the first night of that, and it was just very beautiful. Looking around the room and seeing all of my family there made me realize just how much they love me and how much I love them. Family cannot be replaced by anything else. I am fortunate to have a fully intact one, and one that loves each other.

But even if you don’t have a fully functional family, you do have a family in God. He is the Perfect Father, and he’s even better than my dad (though that seems hard).

No matter what you’ve done, God loves you, and he wants you to be part of his family.

And that is worth celebrating at Christmas.