Day 25: Faith, not sight

Imagine only being able to see 2 feet in front of you at any time. Now imagine not knowing that anyone could see farther than that. You think your eyesight is perfect.

Now a man walks up to you and says that he can see for miles, and that for him to take you to a good place, all you have to do is shut your eyes, take his hand, and follow him.

That is what Jesus asks us to do when he tells us to Walk by faith, not by sight.” We ought to shut our pitifully weak eyes, and put our complete trust in the One who truly sees.

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About Me

I'm a high school student, a teen, who seeks to follow God with everything he has. I've got so many questions and so often I feel like I'm hitting a wall in my beliefs, my actions, and my creativity. And that's OK.

Being surrendered is more of a process than a destination. I'm not perfect by any means, and I struggle a lot. But the daily act of "presenting my body as a living sacrifice," fully surrendered to the will of my King, is what will get me through.