Day 8: Learning to Love

November 16, 2019 ☼ lifefaith

Christians are supposed to love God. We love Him, because He first loved us,” or something like that. It doesn’t always work though.

I’ve been a church kid all my life, so it’s sometimes hard for me to not let God become commonplace. On Tuesday, it came to a point where I told God that I didn’t love Him, but that I still wanted to. It was hard to tell Him that, even though He knows all my thoughts. I felt like I was betraying Him.

But little did I know that He was working in that moment. Because of that realization, I’ve begun being intentional in my Bible reading and my relationship with Him. I really want to love Him, so I’m going to work at it.

Love is a choice, and I’m trying to make that choice.

So, do I love God? I’m learning to. I’m not there yet, but I’m closer than I was on Tuesday.