Day 16: Is Truth Dead?

Yeah, truth is dead, it’s been laid to rest; They buried it late last night right alongside common sense” proclaims a song released in 2012. That chorus aptly reflects society’s exhaustion of living in a culture of lies; they have concluded that there is no truth. They have given up hope. Yet how can their conclusion about truth be right? Truth is what corresponds to reality, and reality by definition must exist, meaning that truth must exist. But to understand the relationship a little better, one must go back to the start of it all, when God created reality.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” With those words, God set in motion the earth as we know it. He went on to create every animate and inanimate object, every plant and creeping animal, and every bug and microscopic amoeba. But in all of his creation, he specified an order. First he divided the time into days; then he divided the waters into firmaments and pulled them away from the land. Even those things not mentioned in the Genesis account—like the structure of the water molecule—were still created by him. In everything there was an impeccable order and a compliance with invisible, yet clearly present, laws. Laws that humans would not discover for millennia, such as the law of gravity or even of the water cycle, were present in the creation from Day One.

Order is necessary for the existence of truth. If chaos is the only reality—as it would be if Evolution had happened—then truth is based on chaos. Since chaos by definition is a complete disarray and disorganization, truth that is based on chaos can stand for anything, even contradictory things. Because truth cannot be contradictory, we see that order and truth go hand in hand. Truth is dependent on God’s orderly reality.

Knowing this, what then is truth? When God created the world, everything was true, because everything up until then had perfectly corresponded with reality. But when Satan whispered to Eve: Though shalt not die,” the first lie was told, and falsehood entered the world. How, though, can we tell what is truth and what is falsehood? What is the standard by which all truth can and must be measured? There is one measurement: it must correspond to reality. In the case of the Devil’s lie, it did not meet the requirement; what he said did not correspond with what actually happened.

In today’s society, exclusive truth is out of fashion. Many people have claimed that truth is relative, that every person can determine what is true for themselves. Yet this claim is utter nonsense. We can see the order in creation; because there is an orderly reality, truth must represent this reality. If a person jumps from a window, the law of gravity does not change to allow him to float into the sky. Truth must be exclusive—that is, it does not change from person to person—because reality does not change from person to person.

Truth is dead” is in the end, a self-defeating argument. If truth has died, then truth must be buried in its coffin. Yet if truth’s coffin actually exists—if it is true—then truth must still be alive and well. Yet the point is made: as long as reality exists—and in God’s orderly creation, reality cannot cease to exist—truth must exist, because truth is what corresponds to reality.

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