Day 1: Temptation - A Poem

November 9, 2019 ☼ poetry

Temptation always looks so good at first, but it’s just a lie. Not long ago I was tempted to look at some pictures I shouldn’t have, and I fell for it. I thought they would make me feel all good inside; instead, they began to kill me.

I lost all context; I focused inward; I shut people off.

In desperation, I struck out, flailing, to try to find something firm to hold on to. And this poem was written out of the depths of despair I was in.


A cliff above the pit
Swallowing men’s hearts whole
I stand upon the brink of it
And how I want to go.

The siren’s call–it lures me
It wouldn’t hurt to look”
E’en as its billowing waves of heat
Roll o’er me like a brook

I know it’s death: why stand I here?
My God, oh does he hear me?
I care not; my resolve’s gone
I stand, and then I leap.