Customer service

Customer service is hard. I work at a very pleasant Christian store where everyone is nice and customers are pleasant.

But after working all today, I’ve noticed a exhaustion that didn’t come from any specific occurence. Just the stress of being a customer server all day has drained me, and I need a little me time” now.

It’s not something I’m proud of. I ought to gain my strength from God, and keep serving selflessly.

But I don’t know. Maybe it’s natural, even for a Christ-follower.

I do know that if I start working in a non-Christian store, work days will become much harder, and I don’t know how I’ll handle it.

I guess I’ll find out.

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About Me

I’m a high school student who seeks understanding. There are so many things in life that I would like to understand, but it’s hard.

  • How can I live a good life?
  • How can I make people like me?
  • How can I draw close to God?
  • What should I do after high school?

I call myself “Surrendered,” but to be surrendered is more of a process than a destination. I’m not perfect by any means, and I struggle a lot. Nevertheless, I place my hope in God, and trust that he will give me the answers.