Philosophy: Do I Exist?
Hope for the Alone
My New Favorite Blogger
A Prayer for Mercy - Putting Others First
The Dark Before the Dawn
The World is on its Head
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Eye Contact
Contentment is a finish line
The Day The World Began
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A Prayer for Help


God and Candy
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Controlling the Mind
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The Train in the Tunnel
The Doorkeeper Knight
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Everyman’s Shame: Part 4
A Statue Christian
Friends at Christmas
Customer service
A Christian’s Prayer of Repentance
“Just One Peek”
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My Favorite Pen
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Forgetting Myself on the Stage
Keeping friends
The Magnitude and Awesomeness of God
Writing changes the world
30 Days of Posting
Day 30: A Prayer for Humility
Day 29: Getting Older
Day 28: The Lighthouse
Day 27: Everyman’s Shame (Part 3)
Day 26: The Cure
Day 25: Faith, not sight
Day 24: Everyman’s Shame (Part 2)
Day 23: Everyman’s Shame (Part 1)


Day 22: A Lie
Day 21: The beauty of a clean character
Day 20: The Urge to Write, and an Idea
Day 19: Maybe things aren’t so bad after all.
Day 18: Losing focus.
Day 17: Boasting
Day 16: Is Truth Dead?
Day 15: Elite
Day 14: Ego in Acting
Day 13: Getting over it by confessing
Day 12: How social?
Day 11: No longer desiring, but still intending
Day 10 (cont’d): But I’m Surrendered
Day 10: The Search
Day 9: Music, and Christian Music
Day 8: Learning to Love
Day 7: Contentment
Day 6: MAGA or MMWA?
Day 5: Temptation - A Short Story
Day 4: Refusing the Gift
Day 3: Forgetfulness is a good thing
Day 2: Which is more important?
Day 1: Temptation - A Poem
The 30-Day Challenge