A Prayer for Mercy - Putting Others First

March 21, 2020

God, I just realized today that I’ve been neglectful. I haven’t prayed once for the people who are affected by this current epidemic.

My brothers and sisters in Christ are suffering right now, and all I’m concerned with is my personal issues.

God, please forgive my selfishness. Grant me mercy for my self-centeredness, and help me think of others. If the Samaritan could show love to his enemy and care for his physical needs, surely I can spend a little time in prayer for my brothers and sisters?

God, please help those who are suffering right now. For those who are not believers in you, I pray that this virus would force them to acknowledge you. I pray that it would bring them close to you.

For those who do believe in you, I pray that this struggle would build their trust in you. I pray that their faith would stand strong. If it’s your will that I and my family would suffer, help us to stand strong as well. I don’t want us or anyone close to us, or anyone at all for that matter to suffer from this. But I know that you have a purpose for suffering, and if you want to teach us through it, you will.

Lord, grant me mercy as I learn to put others first.